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Microwave is one of the commonly used home appliances and it is bound to get damages. One needs to
pay attention in servicing the microwave. Broken door, power or fuse issue, heating issue, general
services and any other functional related issue. Some service centre offer service at customer place or at
the service centre, depending on the customer. Few brands may have their dedicated service centre.
Microwave service centre in Jaipur do offer flexibility in timing, customer can call and book the timing.

Dedicated and Multibrand service centre

Services also depends on the type of microwave like convection, solo, grill, oven taster grill. Before
buying a microwave, it’s better to look around the ecosystem of the brand. Best services is provided by
those who serves the customer to the core. The brands with dedicated service centre are also capable of
replacing the non-functional parts with the original parts for a reasonable prices. The process with
respective to warranty claim need not be a huge trouble. These are faster in responding to customer,
whether it’s a mail, call, or social media. They don’t entertain lame excuses. They provide 24*7 service
depending on the market of the product or geographical location.
In case of Multi brand service centre handles all case of broken brands. The price might vary depending
on the need of the urgency. The availability of labor force is not predictable. They do offer doorstep
services. The parts of the microwave appliances may or may not carry a warranty claim and replaceable
parts may not be original brand. These service centre do handle warranty claims, but takes lot of time,
since they have to rely on the response from the brand. The efficiency of work will not be as good as the
dedicated service centre.
Choose our microwave repair service in Jaipur city as we offer professional cost effective and reliable
services with warranty and consistent support.

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