About Us

We, Shree Sanwariya Metals Services (SSM) is professional in the field of services of many types of appliances such as Air Conditioner, Washing Machine, LED, LCD, Fridge, and Microwave Oven Repair Service In Jaipur.
We can keep you comfortable and stress free all year round by servicing and maintaining all these appliances.

SSM Repair Service In Jaipur.

We offer first-class care to authorized professionals in services and maintenances of appliances as well as easy-to- understand prices that we notify you in advance. It does not matter if you need installation, repair of you just need services, we are ready to keep your all appliances in good condition.
Failures can occur in the worst moments. When this happens, Shree Sanwariya Metals Services (SSM) Jaipur is ready to help you with our specialized service and support team. Our technicians attended and qualified in high technology will return their installation to normal operating conditions immediately.
We are a company of repairs and technical service of Air Conditioner, Washing Machine, LED, LCD, Fridge, and Microwave Oven. A well-executed job means a happy customer, which is why we work hard and ask for a budget according to your needs.

Shree Sanwariya Metals Services (SSM) Jaipur is expert in:

  • Air Conditioning installation In Jaipur
  • Air Conditioning Repair Service In Jaipur
  • General Air Conditioner Repair Service In Jaipur
  • Washing Machines Repair In Jaipur
  • Repair and Service of LEDs & LCDs
  • Fridges Freeze Repair Service In Jaipur
  • Microwave Ovens Repair Service In Jaipur


Also, we offer a technical assistance service for all above appliances. No matter what is the brand of your appliances, we are masterto repair any brands of Air Conditioner.
These brands are of all kinds of values, we always advise according to the pocket of our client. The appliances such as Air Conditioner, Washing Machine, LED, LCD, Fridge, and Microwave Oven are to be the best one of man’s best friends today.
We also install air conditioning in flats, premises, schools, and industrial buildings.

When you hire Sanwariya Metals Services (SSM) for your appliance maintenance and repair services, you can:

  • Avoid regular breakdown of your appliance due to low quality of parts or poor repair.
  • Get best of repair service at the comfort of your doorstep.
  • Get better utility cost by ensuring your appliances is at peak of their efficiency.

We, Shree Sanwariya Metals Services (SSM Repair Service In Jaipur) provide many benefits, with the best customer service to make you feel comfortable and offer multiple facilities so that in these situations that are not exactly positive you can feel good even in these experiences of repairing appliances.
In Shree Sanwariya Metals Services (SSM) we have our own modern electronic and best measuring equipment to diagnose and repair such electronics, without having to replace it completely causing the end user a much cheaper and faster than most services repair technicians of the competition.
We know very well how tough it is to maintain daily routine home work when any electronic appliance fails, these breakdowns must be dealt with as quickly as possible and in the best way.
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Why choose us?



We have all verified employers so you can trust us. We provide good work that you will like.



We provide repairing service at minimum charges starting with 300 Rs. visiting charges. We will solve your problem within 24 to 48 hours.



We have the good experience and skilled team and more than 5 years of experience.


Customer Review

They provide good quality of service that's why we like this service because they come at the exact time when we call.

Naman Bhardwaj, Owner of Vinay KalaMurthy

They provide excellent repairing service at resonable price and also they have minimum visiting charge that's why we like it.

Shailendra Joshi, Engineer

I was searching for more then two weeks for my washing machine's part, they provide me that part by courier.

Nitesh Kumawat, Owner of Nitesh Electricals